Statement in English






My work with painting, water colour, graphics and sculpture is centred on colour and form as expression and as a universal language without words. The works can speak directly to another person's feelings, but can be experienced differently depending on the background of the individual.

I process my senses and experiences of the world into abstract, simplified expressions. My starting point is geometric and concrete, but it develops into commentaries on reality as I perceive it. That is why my works usually have titles.

I work with colours, shapes and lines which are merged into coloristic compositions within my personal lyrical palette.

Of importance to me is the interaction between the colours and the shapes which is created through their position, location and direction, their contrast ratio and volume. More importantly, I use my spontaneous intuition which ultimately determines the expression of the work.

In my work with commissions, I choose different solutions trying to find the best suited for the symbiotic integration between the surface - painting - and the people involved, the architecture and the surroundings - the volume.

Hanne Sie, Visual Artist.




Hanne Sie expresses herself in an abstract lyrical way with inspiration from nature similar to the Danish artists Edvard Weie and Olaf Rude. There is something optimistic about the sunny paintings which have been inspired by travels in Mediterranean countries. There is a predilection for warm colours: red, orange, yellow, pink, while the sharp light of Greece and the strong contrasts between the blue sea, the blue sky and the whitewashed buildings are reflected in a series of paintings worked in blues-green colours. The forms are reduced to well-defined areas of colour. Occasionally the inspirational motif can still be discerned despite the abstraction: a birds beak and claws, the view from a window, the open fields etc. An individuel sense of colour is characteristic of Hanne Sie´s work, whether in acrylic paintings or in watercolours. As a graphic artist Hanne Sie works with various techniques, preferably lithography, where she can maintain the richness of colour.

Marianne Barbusse, Art Historian.